Migrate from CWDS to CD

  • Hi,

    I have been using CWDS for over a year with around 250 devices.

    I understand that too much has changed for a direct migration to be possible, so will deploy images and recapture with the new CD Server.

    However, am I able to migrate the hosts over without having to re-add all the devices names and MAC addresses?
    Also, with CWDS I have a reserved IP for each VLAN that I use and then have pxeboot.0 scope options set. Going forward I would like to remove the need to switch VLANS and have all PXE requests forwarded to another.
    I have been using CWDS on a Desktop machine running Windows 7, but looking to install to a proper server running probably Windows Server 2008 R2 or above, is this recommended or no gains versus Windows 7?

    Any advise on the above is appreciated, thank you.

  • Yes you can export your existing computer list and import it into CD. You may need to change the csv a little. I'm not quite sure what you are asking about your vlans. As long as your switches are routing b/w vlans and you setup a global dhcp scope you shouldn't need to switch vlans, perhaps you can provide more details?
    It doesn't matter what OS you install on there no differences. Windows 10 / Server 2012 use SMB 3.0 where older OS's use 2.x, it is possible you could see a slight speed improvement, but probably not much.

  • Thank you for the information.

    I was looking to upgrade from a simple Desktop to a full server (better hardware) - so may add a Server OS to suit.

    My VLANS are segregated for different parts of the environment, this is for my end to sort however. Would have to have them set to pass all PXE requests upwards towards server.

    Is there a process I can follow to migrate my host data as I have been unable to find it?

    Do I locate and find the "new" file the copy in the data in that format then try to import?

  • Still not really following you on the vlans. If you vlans are totally segregated with no routing b/w them then there is no way to forward the pxe request to another vlan. You wouldn't forward anything to your CD server anyway, you would use an ip helper to your dhcp server and your dhcp server would forward to your CD server. Perhaps if anyone is reading with more network experience they could chime in here.

    I don't have any process for migrating, but basically you have it right. On CD export the computer csv to see the template, copy the correct columns from CWDS csv and then import.

  • Don't worry about VLAN stuff, I'll get my network guys on it actually but thank you.

    I will give the data copy a go report back. I want to test our the new CD before I fall too far behind. Will have a read soon and see if theres any major gains.

    1 pro-point is that it can support UEFI bios' is that correct?

    Are you the same guy who I have spoke with regarding CWDS in the past? You've helped me a load before with the 1st setup.

  • yep still me

  • Good to know, we talked about the possibilities of using this with our setup and although it was discontinued a while back when you moved to CD, CWDS has been an amazing time-saver for myself and a learned a lot along the way.

    Must get up to date and move to CD though.