• Due to the success of CWDS in my local office, I have other sites who are wanting to do the same, even in other countries.

    its a great system and has been invaluable to me not having to USB 1by1 patch anymore. total life-saver.

    Just wanted to let you know

  • Thanks, I'm glad it is helping people. CD is huge improvement over CWDS in my opinion. I have a vision of where I wanted CD to get to for the last year and with the next release in September I think I will have finally reached my goal. One thing I discovered is that it's difficult to find a solution that works with every machine, there always seems to be an issue with a specific model or two. With CD having 3 different imaging environments, WinPE, Linux, Mac NBI, i'm confident that people won't be left hanging without an answer for a stubborn machine. Hopefully among the 3 different environments any machine can be easily imaged with a single system. Unfortunately I am no longer in the line of work that requires me to image computers, which makes testing difficult because YES i don't even use my own program, but not going to throw it away now. I rely on the feedback of others to know what works and what doesn't.

  • Its needed for me. totally essential.

    I joined the Company April last year and their image solution was literally USB pens into ThinClient machines, disabling the write filter, joining network and installing software, applying GPO and then enabling write filter. ~1 hour per machine or faster if you have many USB pens.

    When I joined it was also time to upgrade from XP embedded to Windows7 Embedded which meant RAM and DOMM module upgrades for 150 machines. I was still in Beta stages using CWDS and I was bulk deploying images to 16 at a time using our existing DHCP / network but then manually finishing off.
    This became semi automated and then eventually fully automated with a post build batch file.
    We had issues with Write filter as its a pain to work around, and needs to be off for CHKDSK to work, I also needed Resize to work which needed a clean NTFS as there were varitaions in the mini HDD sizes which caused problems.

    Then there was getting all this to commit to write filter, and reboot.

    but it all works, and works amazingly. It has got me noticed in the company and I am in the process of getting LANDESK to become our patch management solution.

    We are a outsource firm who has been very manual and very backwards thinking (we are an Indian owned company where manpower Is usually in abundance but as I am from UK their approach does not work) which doesn't have what most businesses already have in place (Imaging, Patching in a automatic / semi automatic system of deployment).

    But we are making huge improvements.

    CWDS has helped me in more than 1 way which I will explain but this conversation is going to get fairly big.

    Because I had joined company April last year from a Service Desk role with a bit of hands on I had never done an image before in my life, and because of the pending Win7 upgrade and my only college is my boss time and support was non existent.

    I knew I had to find a solution to get imaging done via network, I remember my last job they had a PXE boot system but of the official Microsoft flavour (probably Windows WDS). but although this had some fancy scripts and worked it was no where near as fast, plus it was used maybe weekly for 1 laptop where as CWDS for me would be used on 250 machines every 3 months on average (as a means to patch/refresh as we are heavily audited).

    I pulled it off however and CWDS got us to turn around the W7 upgrade in time and helped us retain the contract with a major UK bank as we turned around it in time (we had to upgrade to retain our trusted status which was needed to be their provider).

    This got me some major brownie points and over time other sites have been wanting to have it also in which I have provided some information but for unknown reasons did not take it on board. 1 site currently is but he is using CD not CWDS and will likely be posting on forum soon as he has an issue with multicast requesting passwords, but removing this causes another error).

    I had the head of UK IT (VP) and the global IT (CTO) come visit site 2 days ago, and they were over the moon with the crucible and LANDESK solution, and the way in which our site runs compared to others.

    We are known as the flagship site and I am been sent to Ireland to assist them with CWDS/CD/LANDESK and even had the CTO suggest sending me to India as it would save them on manpower (90 members of staff they have to do patching and imaging and general IT in their big centres versus just me).

    Basically, what I am trying to say is. Your system saved me, got my major points and made me stand out from the rest and helped the company I work for. This and my work for landesk has got my noticed at the highest rank who were exited as children in what this could do for us. But like any business upgrades can be slow.

    I just want to give you a bit of a story in how much of a difference this has made, because what you have done is not just a "free bit of software off the internet" that you may do in your spare time.

    Its an amazing tool, its probably helped my career and certainly without a shadow of a doubt saved my site from some very serious problems as well as save hundreds of man hours.

    I wish I was in a position to support you, or offer something - but alas I do not.

    So please understand I am truly grateful CWDS/CD and cannot thank you enough.