Account lockout time

  • How long do you stay locked out after bad password tries? clonedeploy/password didn't work and now it's saying Account is Locked. Is there a reset pass option or a way to reset the timer on this? I would just reboot but I'm currently taking an image haha.

    Appreciate the software so far. I just got everything up and going this morning. Only took about 2 hours from picking up a box with no OS to having Server2012/dhcp/clonedeploy running. Most of that was troubleshooting the GPT image error/finding hard drive thing, but that command line you said to run in another post cleared that up.

  • 15 minutes, reboot won't help anyway. Only way to clear is wait or manually delete the locked entry in the database.

  • gotcha, thanks. This is for the webui. I've been working like a madman on a bunch of different projects this morning, I may have changed the password without realizing it. Apologies and thanks for the response.