Mac OS

  • Is the CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP Server the only way to deploy the Mac OS?

  • It depends.

    If you want to use the os x imaging environment you must use the proxy dhcp server or a bootable usb drive.

    If you want to use the linux imaging environment you can use the proxy dhcp server, a bootable usb, or you can set your pxe bootfile to ipxe efi 64. Using a netboot with the Linux environment without proxy dhcp will only work when holding the N key during boot with the mac. It will not work if you use the boot selection screen by holding down the option key. If you are using EFI passwords on the mac then the N key method does not work.

    I would recommend you plan on implementing the proxy service if possible, it is becoming a key component as CloneDeploy evolves and even more so in the next release.