Redundant clonedeploy servers

  • Hi there,

    some days ago I started using CloneDeploy in our company. So far, everything works really, really smooth and I love that "installing" a new client takes only 4-10 minutes with all software already inside!

    Now I'm thinking about having a second CloneDeploy server in case our first machine fails.

    Is there an easy way to have two separate servers running with synced database and images? Maybe a simple cronjob would already solve the problem?

  • There is nothing built in to handle this. It is something I want to look into more for a future release but it's not my top priority right now. Like you said this could be handled easily with a few scripts. I would setup a warm standby. With a cronjob I would export the database and rsync the images, tftpboot folder, and web folder, sftp the db export and import the db on the warm standby. Then if the main CloneDeploy server goes down, just change the ip on the warm standby to that of the main server and you are back in business.

  • I don't know if this helps but I am in the process of migrating from CWDS to CD and will be creating a ESX host/VM which I will run CD on. The server itself is to be setup with RAID 5 in the event 1 drive goes down it should be rebuild able once replaced.

    I'll also just be making a backup manually of the Databases and images to seperate storage as getting a server up and running from OS->CD is a matter of minutes.

    That's my plan anyway.

  • You will also need to backup web.config in the web directory because it contains an encryption key.