CD/USB Boot key IP Address

  • Is there a way for me to force the USB boot key to use an IP address that I specify for the client that I am imaging? I dont want it to wait for an auto assigned address.

  • This is something that others have requested as well. There is currently no way to do that. I have added some static support in the next version, but it prompts you to enter the ip information. Some people have suggested a mac to ip mapping file that could automate this, but there is no easy way to get the file into the boot image without manually mounting the initrd

  • In crucible I just added IP:IP Address to the boot line. It does not work here however. I am not sure what the difference is. Waiting for DHCP is too slow in our organization since it is hosted off site. The ability to just hard code the IP was a huge time saver, since in most cases I am imaging 1 system at a time. For large deployments, DHCP was the way to go.

  • In Crucible DHCP was handled in the kernel, it no longer is, that's why that doesn't work. But like I said there will be something in the next release that will help you.