Error on connecting more than 20 clients

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use clonedeploy in a lab of 41 machines. When the client count becomes 20 for a multicast task, I am getting error.

    Unable to mount SMB share.

    The first 20 machines boot with no issues.

    Please help.

    Jithin Sebastian

  • I'm guessing you have installed on Win7 , 8 or 10. They have a maximum connection to the SMB share of 20 users.
    Windows server and Linux do not have this limitation, something I meant to document but forgot to. When multicasting you shouldn't really need to connect to the SMB share, but I currently am for a few small files and the use of file copying. I'll see if I can implement a workaround in the next version.

  • Admin, you are right.....I installed it on a Windows 7.

    I will definitely try it on a Windows server 2012.

    Thank you very much for your fast and exceptional support. You are amazing.