New to CloneDeploy, having TONS of issues

  • Hi,

    I am in the midst of trying out clone deploy to image and deploy a bunch of Dell Optiplex's. It is constantly having problems with the imaging process, and I often get partclone failed errors on the deploy. Looking in /var/log is useless as the verbosity of the errors mirror whatever is displayed on the console.

    There are three partitions. One is a FAT16 OEM partition. The other two are NTFS Windows 7 partitions (one system reserved, the other the OS). They are all MBR partitions. I have all of the default settings enabled for the image profile. I have tried both 4.5 and 4.5x64 kernel (which makes me wonder, is one required over the other?). I have tried various profile options such as using original MBR/GPT, etc..., and nothing seems to work. My imaged systems are all failing to either deploy, or they start up in a System Repair boot screen.

    I've never ever had these kinds of problems before using Ghost, and that was really easy to set up and use. I'm now on day two of trying to image and deploy to a small computer lab. This shouldn't have taken me more than 3-4 hours to do. I've spent probably 16 hours now on this. What gives? My last ditch effort will be to go back to Macrium Reflect and restore from a network share. That is slow, but I could probably image the whole lab over night. I would rather do a multicast.

  • Also, how come when all the partitions is being imaged, clone deploy console finds and images the USB boot disk? Does it actually create this in the uploaded image?

  • Make sure filesystem is clean
    [code]chkdsk /f[/code]
    disable hibernation
    [code]powercfg.exe /H off[/code]
    upload image again

  • None of that helped. In fact, it's even worse. How come when I select remove GPT structures (based on someone else's post, I figured I should see if that works), when there are no GPT partitions, Clone Deploy ends up completely screwing up the boot system? I did that as a final hurrah, and now my system won't even boot.

    I tried rescuing the boot records from the system reserved partition (Windows 7 with BitLocker, I think) using Win PE to recover the boot partition records, and that didn't work. I also tried GParted Live to see if I could recover the MBR, but that didn't work either.

    Also, one final thing. If I do an On Demand upload to a new image, the whole imaging process of all three partitions goes without failure. I don't get task terminated or fsync errors. What is it doing differently with On Demand? Secondly, I decided to On Demand deploy to one machine. It terminated on the 3rd partition (the main OS partition) with fsync errors. /var/log was useless again. This might also provide another clue. I tried also On Demand multicasting to two clients. I left work and noticed it was processing super slow. I came back in today, and the images are STILL rebuilding. What the hell??? Could network issues be causing these imaging problems? Maybe it's the drivers being loaded in the client console. I am running everything over wired ethernet. The drivers I use on Windows is the RealTek RT64win7.sys driver (gigabit ethernet controller/adapter). I've run diagnostics, and it says everything is ok.

    At this point, I'm going with Macrium Reflect. CloneDeploy has been way more of a hassle than it has been worth. Eventually, I will move on to Microsoft WDT.

  • My bad, I figured out why that one system stopped booting. It wasn't the remove GPT structures. The bios was set to boot UEFI, and I forgot that I changed that option. Resetting it back to legacy boot has it working now.

    Anyways, I am still unable to get Clone Deploy to work.

  • Thanks for the update, sorry it didn't work out for you.