• Hello!
    Is there any possibility to make an imaging process more effective by automatical adding of all computers (and giving them random names in a database) which initiated a PXE boot without choosing "On Demand" option on every of them?

  • Most things are possible. Can you give details on how this could work. How would you handle sending different images. When the computer is added to the db with a random name would it be used again or should it be removed, etc. I have some ideas of how this could all work, but I'm up for suggestions.

  • Thank you for reply. In brief, scheme is following. Got one server, 48-ports switch and about 40 client machines with PXE boot priority. There is no need to send different images, there's only one need to send an image made universal, to all of them automatically right after their PXE booting, without any pressing "On Demand" and manual adding them into base via PXE menu or from the server side.
    Maybe, kinda script?

  • I think I could get something that would work for you into the next release.

  • I have added clobber mode to 1.2.0 which might be something close to what your looking for.

  • I love the idea of Clobber mode. Would it be possible to add an option to add the computer to the database when in clobber mode - an additional check box after "prompt for computer name"? This would be great for setting up large amounts of new computers.

    Thanks so much for your hard work.

  • Yes, that would be simple addition. I don't have plans of releasing anything new for a while though. Going to concentrate on getting all documentation and some vids done, then probably take some time off. But I'll get it in eventually.

  • I was curious if you have made any progress on this? I would like the ability to have it automatically add all computers it detects, and then i can later go in and give them names, and associate them with groups, and images, etc.

  • Nothing has been implemented to handle this yet. There has not been a new release since this post. I will put it in the next release slated for april-may. I still don't understand how you could translate a random name to the actual computer name at a later time, how would you know which is which?