PXE/iPXE boot menu problems

  • Hey ,I have everything installed using freenas 9.3.1. It was working with ipxe and I could not get pxeboot to work at all.
    So I thought I'd give the pxeboot one more shot now I can't get either to boot from the menu.

    Either menu will show depending on what I pick, but now each menu choice does nothing.

    Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

  • Sorry that's Freenas 9.10.1

  • also using dhcp proxy

  • Ok well rebooting Freenas got me going again... I caramba.... either freenas or this plugin isn't quite stable... 🙂

  • Ok, there is a bug with the plugin when using pxelinux and proxy dhcp, it can be fixed with a few symlinks. It does not effect ipxe though, not sure why you would need to reboot. I would recommend you install on Windows if possible. Finding the time to maintain the plugin for FreeNAS is difficult and i'll probably stop support eventually. I'm planning on making one more plugin when FreeNAS 10 is released and that will probably be it.

  • Any links to the symlinks needed ?
    Too bad about updates to Freenas.. it's my goto thing.... well that and ESXi 🙂

    I'm not a big Windows fan.. if I have to switch from it being in a jail I'll load up a VM in CentOS or something to run it.

  • btw: This is my first time using this and it's pretty awesome !

  • During install the symlinks are incorrectly made using full paths.
    [code]/bin/ln -s /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/images /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/bios/images[/code]

    They need to be relative.
    [code]ln -s ../../images /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/bios/images
    ln -s ../../images /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/efi32/images
    ln -s ../../images /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/efi64/images
    ln -s ../../kernels /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/bios/kernels
    ln -s ../../kernels /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/efi32/kernels
    ln -s ../../kernels /usr/pbi/clonedeploy-amd64/tftpboot/proxy/efi64/kernels[/code]

  • Thanks for the info!
    Appreciate it..