Trouble with PXE Boot

  • I'm very new to this software but having issues booting to PXE from our client.
    I've set up option 66 to the IP of our clone deploy server and set option 67 to pxeboot.0 on our DHCP server on our LAN

    Booting the client to PXE gets an IP address from our DHCP server but then after says:
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
    Selected boot device failed.

    I've tried a few different PXE Modes under Admin > PXE, each time recreating the Boot File but always get the same message. Any help would be amazing


  • Did you trying putting in the full path to the boot file in your options ?

  • I haven't, where do I find that?

  • Ok, so I can only assume the issue was with IIS and permissions.
    I've built a new server with Ubuntu and set this up as the new clonedeploy server and PXE boot works fine on here so i'll use this going forward instead 🙂

  • Seems like maybe the tftp service wasn't running or configured right, it shouldn't have anything to do with IIS.