No Such File or directory/error code 47

  • Hello, I'm new to CloneDeploy and I'll start by saying you guys are doing something amazing with this software. Here's my dilema and I'm not sure if it's Domain related or CD related. I have my local network here setup with CD on it, working perfectly fine - NO Domain....I'm working on shifting it over to my client's network which has an Active Directory domain.

    When installing on Windows Server 2008 R2 I found it didn't install IIS for me..odd but I can work around it. I installed IIS, can get web working fine, ProxyDHCP is working fine, but when the image goes to download I get the following:

    mount: mounting // on /storage failed: Operation not supported

    ...... Success

    which kind of confuses me...since there's not directory for cd_share created (even in my test environment, but yet my test environment worked fine)

    ** Restoring MBR / GPT On /dev/sda **
    dd: failed to open '/storage/images/T420Tech/hd0/table': No such file or directory
    [ERROR] Can't open "/storage/images/T420Tech/hd0/part1.ntfs.wim" read-only: No such file or directory
    ERROR: Exiting with error code 47:
    Failed to open a file.
    mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sda2
    Failed to access '/dev/sda2': No such file or directory
    The device doesn't exist; did you specify it correctly?

    The files physically exist on the server, everyone has permissions to read/write to them...I'm just not sure where to go from here. The image schema, size and everything can be read by CD Web interface, just when the files attempt to be downloaded to a computer. This particular computer is literally identical (with the exception of Device IDs, S/N of the machine and parts) to the one I used to image (HDD Size, Manufacturer, etc.). I have attached the full error log, I'm not sure why this is failing...

    If you can help me out that would be appreciated. I'm thinking MAYBE Domain permissions need to be updated....but I can't be sure on that one (I do have a Windows CAL for a backup user that I could assign permissions to/run things as if I need to)

    I should add that I don't have the files stored in the default location. I have the storage/distribution point as E:\

    The image files are in E:\images\ImageName (in this case "T420Tech") so I'd have the following structure:


    To get things working (and since this system can only be accessed via VPN or something on LAN) Have Full Access for "Everyone" and "IIS_USERS", just not sure if I should be granting more permissions, or other users or what (although i may have answered my own question just now, I will edit this post in a few minutes)

  • It sounds like you didn't set the share up correctly or change the distribution point to reflect the new share you moved to E:

    cd_share is not a directory its a share. What did you set the new share on E: to?

  • Yeah figured it out by looking at my Users on my machine here vs the Domain users, so it's all good now - I'll run it under my Domain Credentials for the time being 🙂