On demand Multicasting

  • Thank you very much for supporting this product so well. You are awesome!

    I would like to get help in automating some of the tasks in on demand Multicasting

    The reason I want this feature is: I have a big lab with around 50 PC where I start several on demand multicast sessions. I usually connect 15-20 machines to one session. Here is the steps I follow.

    1. I boot machines via Proxydhcp
    2. Select on demand
    3. Select Multicast
    4. Select one of the multicast session I started

    It works perfect but it takes time............

    What I need is the machines to boot to pxe and automatically select ON demand and multicast by itself and stay on the screen where we can select the multicast session I started from the server. It can save me a lot time and energy..........

  • You just need to add the computers to CloneDeploy and not use On Demand, then start a multicast via a group, then the process is completely automated. On Demand Mode, is not intended to be automated. Automation happens when you add the computers.