Slow interface/Add Computer

  • First let me say THANK YOU so much for this software. It makes life much easier at my job.

    Since upgrading to CloneDeploy from Crucible I notice CloneDeploy's interface to be much slower. I used a new VM for the setup and configured it the same way as Crucible on the same VMhost, but the speed isn't there. After entering a new computer it may take up to 10 sec for it to say successful and press any key to reboot. Plus, editing hosts information is slow. Anything I did wrong or could check? Thank you.

  • That's not normal. What OS did you install on?

  • Server 2012 R2

  • Have you checked the cpu/ram/hd utilization while the app is open to look for any high loads?

  • Yes, the only I can see is the IIS worker process. It hits 10%, but thats nothing. It seems like anything that interacts with the DB is slow. This is on a pretty beefy server and Crucible had no issues what so ever.

  • I can't really say whats causing this. I have probably installed CloneDeploy 100's of times, mostly on vms and have never seen this. Maybe you could try updating mariadb to the newest version?

  • I updated MariaDB to the newest version. Same results. I may do a clean install on a new VM and see what happens.


  • Importing new hosts (from Crucible) takes a long time too - it usually times out when importing a file with approximately 500 hosts. I'd love to figure out why this is running slow without having to rebuild the server from scratch.

  • Ok, it seems like the SMART Groups was the problem. I removed them and its night and day faster.

  • Thanks for the update, I'll look into this. How many computers do you have in CloneDeploy, maybe I need to test with a larger number to reproduce?

  • A little over 2000. But it slowed down as soon as I got over 500 it seems. And I'm talking SLOW! I love the idea of smart groups, so I hope you can figure it out.

    Thanks again for a great tool.

  • I tested this with a few thousand computers and the import process is very slow when using smart groups because each computer is tested against each group to look for a match. I can speed this up by just waiting until after the import to check against groups. However, after the import was done, I did not see any speed difference in the webui. I tested with 10 smart groups and 2000 computers and still as fast as normal.

  • Well mine are all imported now. So maybe I'll try to check the speed with smart groups again. I was importing 800 plus at a time, so there is a chance something hung at some point. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for following up on this.

  • smart group issue fixed in latest patch