Cannot Mount SMB Share

  • Hi,

    I have got an issue in which when trying to upload first image It says ERROR - Unable to mount SMB share.

    I have manually changed passwords on local user accounts for the shares, and set the new password in the Admin -> Distrubution point.

    I noticed that this didn't help, and I also noticed I didn't have permission to make change to share. Although Share settings were set, security settings were not.

    I have amended these, rebooted - but still having same issue.

    What else can I check?

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem " Could not mount SMB Share" after "Upload Image" on the Grub
    If anybody can help us please ? Let us know 🙂


  • I may have overlooked the port 445 been opened.

    Will check and confirm.

  • Good for quick reaction, i appreciate that 🙂

  • Make sure the usernames and passwords of the CD accounts match what is in the CloneDeploy config to what you have in the windows admin -> users (My Computer -> Manage gets you there).

    I had to also manually navigate to the share which is in Program File (86x) \ Clonedeploy and make sure that the accounts have the permissions in both the Share Permissions in Share tab and security permissions in security tab.

  • Still awaiting 445 at my end to be opened by our network guys, will post when done and test again.

    think I accidently had 443 opened instead.

  • I can see share now 445 is open.


  • I shared my folder into "Program file(x86)\Clonedeploy" and apply the right for users, but it doesn't vork.
    About the port 445 is not open in the firewall.

    Have you installed your server in local or domain ?
    It's working now ?

    Thanks 🙂

    ps : sorry for my english i'm french.

  • I am setting this up on a Domain and a racked server with multiple VLANS which clients reside on

    I don't use Windows firewall, but we have these Ports opened up on our Physical Cisco Firewalls.

    In most cases this may not be needed, but I work in an secure environment whereas ports are closed by default.

  • Ok 🙂
    It's not easy for deploy new deployment server.

    In my case, i work in an secure environnement too, i use fortigate (firewall/router) for create the rules...
    i installed Clonedeploy on the local server (not domain at this time).

  • I have an ESX server with a VM of 2008 R2 sat off a DMZ. Then all VLANS are opened up via FW to the server on DMZ.

    But , the setup is pretty much the same.

    I think it works faster and easier to have just a desktop sat on the same network than doing it this way though. But I am in process of uploading/downloading 1st image before I look at tweaks to try and improve response and speed.

    Currently set to 100MB duplex but may see about ramping this up.

  • Thanks for your answer. 🙂

    It's work for me now, i forgot add domain/workgroup in the section "Distribution Point".
    Yes the upload is very fast.

  • Thanks for helping each other through this. I am trying to put an SMB troubleshooting document together that I can refer people to in the future.