Individual deploy = success but multicast (Fail???)

  • I am working in the way you mentioned before.

    "You just need to add the computers to CloneDeploy and not use On Demand, then start a multicast via a group, then the process is completely automated. On Demand Mode, is not intended to be automated. Automation happens when you add the computers.
    but multicast failed.

    individual deploy = This is one for the job. (success)
    But Multicast is added to the group and add a user, but the work will be an error.

    Do you wonder that I accidentally skipped or work.
    Thank you for advice.

    Menu "On demand multicast"
    Likewise, the error will be "On demand multicast" decided to give the client a number of tasks even if tasks.
    thanks for reading.

  • another Problem:
    The multicast operation is shown.
    The problem is that deploy speed. I like too slow.
    Deploy individual is 1 G / min, but the lower the rate if Multicast operation.

    The question is how could resolve.
    Thanks for reading.

  • try changing the multicast blocksize
    In admin->multicast->sender arguments
    [code]--blocksize 700[/code]

  • Great works !!! Thanks deploy speed 1.04G/min 🙂