Root@client_console prompt

  • I am trying to upload a image. I get the following and not sure how to continue. After downloading Core Scripts says complete.

    I get put in a Debug Mode
    [root@client_console /]#

    If I restart the image does not complete the upload and I get a SMB share error after that. I have checked the SMB share permissions to make sure I can open the share from the laptop that I'm trying to upload.

  • I see that I had to hit "approve" and that takes me to the next error. Unable to mount SMB share. I checked the folder and for some reason there is a permissions issue and the image is unable to create any sub folders under clonedeploy\cd_dp. I have re-assigned permissions to all parent/child folders.

  • If I manually give permissions to the folder I don't get the SMB share issue any more. However the image upload task says that it can not update the task.

  • I have solved my own error. not sure if it helps any one but I had to reset my cd_share_rw and cd_share_ro passwords in windows as well as in the clonedeploy console.

  • Thanks for providing your solution. I've been meaning to get a guide for troubleshooting smb errors, just haven't got to it yet.