Clone Windows 7 Pro x64

  • Could anyone give me directions on how to clone a windows 7 pro x64? I have tried the default settings on image and I use linux to boot. But every time I try to clone the machine, the one I restore to fails to boot into windows upon completion. Seems the boot sector doesnt work.

  • When I boot to upload image it says that Partition1 doesnt seem to be within physical sector boundries. It continues anyway. Is that why I cant boot from a deployed image maybe? Should I just reinstall the computer, at the moment its factory installed by Dell with a boot, recovery, and main partition.

  • Can you attach upload and deploy logs?

  • I will, but I think I know what it is. I installed one machine from oem dvd and now it doesn't complain about partition 1 anymore. Deploying now so we will see in a bit. 🙂

    Another question, how does the compression level work. It is set to 1 on the scale, is that the most compression or the least?

  • least