EPIC FAIL: Default User and Pass Do Not Work

  • Perhaps the provided initial login with username "clonedeploy" and password "password" is outdated or incorrect? Trust that I am typing it correctly and that I am connected to the network

    I am unable to test this software because it won't let me log in. I would provide you some files, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Installation seemed to go just fine. ETW Logs say nothing. I am a bit confused. After looking through the installation files I saw my passwords in clear text smack-dab in the middle of web.config; However, more importantly, I would appreciate a workaround for the initial web login. I noticed some CSharp, and as happens I know it very well. Without having to read through all your files though, is there a particular source code file I can modify?

  • What version of Windows did you install on?