WIM arguments in 1.2

  • I use CloneDeploy to capture images which then get updates and packages via DISM.

    Previously I added the not-pipable flag to the wim_arguments field in the cd_pull script. After the recent update to 1.2 I notice that this is now pulling args from $web_wim_args.

    Cant seem to find where to set the arguments now, presumably it is in the UI somewhere.

    And thanks again for the great software

  • There is currently not an option to set the wim args from the gui. I didn't really see the need to change the wim args. The pipable and not pipable args are really all that should need changed. The default in 1.2.0 is now to create a non pipable image, unless you select enable multicast support in the image profile upload options.

    When the multicast option is selected, the $web_wim_args is set to --pipable, otherwise it's blank. That is currently the only thing that web_wim_args is used for.

  • Perfect thanks. Once I saw that the script was pulling the argument I assumed it was for adding some extra changes.

    If the default is for non pipable and I can use it with DISM then my needs are met.

    Thanks for the info.