Freenas CD Proxy DHCP setup.

  • I might be missing something here but for clonedeploy on windows there's a simple tftpgui to setup the TFTP.
    With it you can change the dhcp settings.
    For example set the pxeboot.0 ect.

    [b]How and where does one change these settings when using clonedeploy in freenas?[/b]

    Currently a client is not able to find the pxeboot.0 file which makes sense because i was not able to configure any of this yet, because it is not discribed in the installation docs for freenas installation.

    [b]Network setup.[/b]

    ISP modem that handels DHCP with only an option to turn it off.
    Powerline lan kit.
    Managed network switch.

    • Which the server is connected to.
    • The Clients will be connected to the managed switch.

  • FreeNAS does not have a DHCP server, so there is nothing to setup up there. You need to set the boot options on your DHCP server but since you said your server doesn't support that you will need to use the Proxy DHCP server. You could run it on your FreeNAS server with mono, but I would recommend you install on a Windows machine, it can go on any existing Windows machine.

  • How can i make use of the proxy dhcp server? from the documentation i would say it's in the tftp setup?

    If i have to use windows i will wait untill freenas 10 for its virtualisations powers 😉
    to use CD.

  • Installing the proxy on FreeNAS can be difficult. You don't have any other windows machines or Linux machines you can use just to run the proxy server? It's very small and consumes very little resources.