Multicast Packet leaking(???)

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    Environment : 120G ssd (SSD) , samsung desktop PCs
    client : 3(PCs)
    gear : 3com 16 Port switch

    As you told me earlier, I've been working on it, adding options and working on it.
    however, An unexpected problem occurred.
    At first I get the speed normally
    The speed drops at the end. (340 M / min)

    [option -> multicast -> --blocksize 700]

    I wonder if there are other options in addition to this option.

    Or I wonder if it is affected by the LAN or other places.

    or multicast packet leaking(???).
    Do not you have any other suggestions?

    thanks for reading.

  • The only other thing you could do is try changing the decompression setting.
    admin->multicast->decompress image->server

    Also, a multicast will never be as fast as a single computer. When using 100mb switches I have found it seems to stabilize around 400-500MB/min. So you are not too far off. Unless you have gigabit equipment I'm not sure you will get much more.