How do you use the Install munki feature?

  • I was messing around with the install munki feature while trying to image OS X machines but i think i'm kind of confused on how it works. I put in our munki repo url (/muni_repo/, SMB usrername and password that i use to mount the share and the SMB domain like it asks. When i image a machine munki is not installed. I'm assuming i am missing some basic setting/function to make this work? Where does clonedeploy grab the munki installer from exactly? When pointing it to the repo am i just pointing it to the root repo (/munki_repo/) or should i be pointing it to where munki tools resides on the SMB share? Thanks!

  • Munki integration is still in it's early stages, I think you are the first person to even try. I would love to hear some feedback.

    When you use CloneDeploy with Munki you are essentially letting CloneDeploy manage your manifests. This means the computer must be registered with CloneDeploy, then you create a manifest template and assign it to the computer or group of computers.

    After you add the munki smb share(the root of the repo), then you need to create a manifest template. Global->Munki->New Manifest Template. If the share is setup correctly you will then be able to see your existing catalogs, managed installs, etc. After you create the template you assign it to the computer or group.

    Then in the image profile select install Munki and provide the SoftwareRepoURL.
    Finally you need to copy the munki installer to your images smb share. There is a folder in there called resources. Place it in there. It must be named munkitools.pkg