"cd_share on /storage on /storage failed : key has expired"(??)Why do I need a key value?

  • I am on demand mode to do multicast work, so I get an error like the picture.
    Looking at the log file, I have the following statement: "key has expired" (??)

    Is there a reason for the key value to be used here?

    In the end, the error message is: "Could Not Mount SMB Share"
    Which of the options need to be modified?
    Thank you for your teaching.

  • That is not a clonedeploy error. Your smb server is throwing that error

  • Your smb server??? I have not built a SMB server yet? Where do you set it up?

  • Your CloneDeploy server is your smb server. If you installed on Windows then Windows is throwing the key has expired error.