Unable to mount SMB share - FreeNAS 9.10

  • Hello, I've setup clonedeploy on my FreeNAS server running 9.10 and I'm unable to upload images. I'm able to see the created image in the menu after PXE boot, but when I select it the client fails to mount the SMB share. I've double checked my setup and it's configured as in the documentation. Is there a change that needs to be made for 9.10? Or should I rollback to 9.3?


  • I don't believe it should be different on 9.10, but I haven't tried so I can't say. I know a few people that are using it with 9.10 without issue. Is there anything in your FreeNAS logs stating why it failed?

  • Ah it was a stupid mistake, the distribution point ip was set to the freenas ip, not the cifs share ip (which is bound to a different nic).