Boot from local disc - Boot Error

  • Hi again

    I'm having this error when choosing the option "boot from local disc". I fresh iso, fresh usb pen, different computers. It always fails.

    Is there any documentation I should be aware of?


  • Booting to the local drive is actually fairly complicated. Here is a statement from another post, it is talking about pxe booting but still applies. I would just remove the iso when your done.

    The problem is that booting to the local hard drive is difficult and there are about 10 different ways it can be done, no universal method that always works. I haven't put any time into that aspect because I think it's a bad idea. Leaving your computer to pxe boot first is a huge security concern.

  • I see.

    It would be with a usb Pen always set for booting first, with the default option being "boot to windows" after 10 seconds. If the operator got asked, he would chose upload or restore.

    thanks for the answer

  • This option works well when using PXE boot method. It seems to only fail with USB/ISO

  • Sorry to bump this topic.

    I have confirmed the pxe "boot to local disc" work well, but the pen/iso doesn't.

    Can the pxe method be ported to the pen/iso ?

  • the usb/iso is already the same as pxe. When boot to local machine is selected, it just exits the boot loader, it doesn't try to boot an OS. When it exits, the systems bios boot order should continue, but it still varies for different machines. So if you have usb, cd, pxe, listed to boot before the hard drive in the bios, your bios should continue to boot to hd after you have exited syslinux,ipxe, or grub.