Setting up deployments

  • I am working on setting up a new instance of CloneDeploy for testing as my company wants to move away from our current imaging process.

    I am a bit confused as I am new to all of this. I have read all the documentation but just need some clarification.

    I would like to set up a test Windows 7 deployment. This will not be use is mass quantity but roughly 5-6 times a week as an individual basis.

    Do I need to have an already setup machine with Windows 7 configured and sysprep'd to upload to the WebUI?
    If this is the case can this be a VM and does it need to always be on?
    I may be misunderstanding the documentation so any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

  • Yes your configured and sysprepped Windows 7 machine will be uploaded to your CloneDeploy server. It can be a VM and does not need to be on until you are ready to upload. Your CloneDeploy server should always be on.