Image upload stuck at creating image schema

  • I am trying to upload a Windows 10 64-bit image. It gets to creating image schema and stays there. I have restarted the upload with the same results. I am using clone deploy 1.0.1. I am trying to upload an image for a Dell OptiPlex 3040. I did a fresh install of Windows 10. I uploaded an image for a Dell Latitude 5470 with Windows 10 64-bit without any trouble.

    Thank you,

  • Assuming this is a legacy bios computer and not efi, select remove gpt structures on your image profile upload options.

  • Can you give me the location for this setting please?

  • images->search->view select image->image profiles->upload options.

    Something like that

  • I changed the setting and now I get:

    Invalid partition data! GPT data structures destroyed! You may now partition the disk using fdisk on other utilities.

    Shrinking NTFS Volume On /dev/sda2 (This May Take A Few Minutes)

    An Error Has Occurered
    Run chkdsk /f and please try again, or see option -f.

    Rebooting In One Minute

  • Your filesystem is corrupted

    In windows cmd [code]chkdsk /f[/code]
    In windows cmd [code]powercfg.exe -H off[/code]

  • That worked. Thank you very much for the quick help with these issues.
    Donna T.