F12 Boot Confirmation

  • Is it possible to configure Clone Deploy to force the user to confirm PXE booting? I'm using it with Proxy DHCP (not sure if that matters, probably not), and if network is first in the boot order, the box simply boots right up via PXE with no further confirmation. It behaves as if it's using pxeboot.n12, whereas I'd like the functionality provided by pxeboot.com.

    I started investigating and figured out that maybe I need to edit something in the initrd.xz file...is that correct? If so, do you know what it is I need to edit? Thanks!


  • What imaging environment are you using?
    pxeboot.n12 and pxeboot.com are for winpe

    but initrd.xz is part of the linux environment.

    If you are using the linux environment, what you are asking is not possible.

  • Sorry, wasn't clear. I'm using WinPE. Something made me think that even with WinPE it was using initrd.xz, but it sounds like that's not correct? Anyway, main goal is the same. Prompt user to confirm PXE boot with F12.

  • CloneDeploy uses .n12 by default, you could rename the files to make it work.

    In your tftpboot folder\static\winpe\winpe

    just rename pxeboot.com to pxeboot.n12

    Then in the webui you will need to change pxe mode to something else then back to winpe to make changes work.

  • I don't believe that EFI has an equivalent option

  • That could be. What about for the BIOS clients? Is there an easy way for me to do that by modifying a file or someting? Or is that compiled into one of your binaries?

  • Think I covered bios in the post above that

  • Sorry, didn't see the two posts in a row. Thanks for the help!!