Looking For Hard Drive(s) - keep hanging

  • I am trying to upload an image from a Lenovo Yoga. It has an builtin SSD (32GB). The Diagnostics Program work and detect the builtin SSD. /dev/sda in /dev/mmcblk0rpmb /dev/mmcblk0boot0 /dev/mmcblk0boot1 /dev/mmcblk0
    But the upload Programm keeps hanging in "Looking For Hard Drive(s)"
    What can i doo to upload the image, or debug the program?

  • What version of clonedeploy
    Is the client efi or bios

  • (the freenas plugin Jail) clonedeploy version 1.0.1
    I am using to boot clonedeploy on the client an USB drive with Kernel 4.4.3x64

    Its UEFI boot.

  • This is unusual for an EFI system. In fact I have never seen it. You are certain the OS is installed in EFI mode? I also made changes in the latest version(1.2.0) that should prevent this. Unfortunately updating on FreeNAS may be challenging depending on your FreeNAS knowledge, and I am no longer releasing updated FreeNAS plugins because they are dropping the plugin system. The upgrade is a manual process.