Mac Images keeping old name

  • I was recently working on creating a mid-year update to my El Cap image. Creating a "Lazy" image I imaged a machine with my last image and then proceeded to update the necessary software. Before uploading this "New" image I changed the name to reflect the updates and to make sure the name was changed ran scutil --set HostName, scutil --set LocalHostName, scutil --set ComputerName and finished off with dscachutil -flushcache.

    The image uploaded fine, but when testing by imaging new devices they would take the name of the last image. I must note that when I first noticed this new deployments took the name of the device which I created the image on even though I changed the name before hand. After removing all computers from CloneDeploy is when I noticed that the deployments were taking the name of the old image.

    Some things to note: I checked the change_computer_name log which contains whatever name I entered on deployment, but does not reflect the actual name on the device. I have a restricted configuration profile on this image, however the same profile exists on older deployments where I did not run into this issue. Is there some "ghost" location where these devices are pulling the name from? Also this is not a huge issue since naming has not been working from clone deploy and I have a script created for my techs that will change the name along with some other configurations.

  • There is no ghost location. It sounds the name update just isn't working. The name update requires the osx_target_volume on the image profile to be correct. By default it is Macintosh HD, is there any chance that is not the name of the volume?

  • The renaming has not been working. And yes Macintosh HD is the drive name. But it seems that during the upload of an image or deployment it grabs the name from somewhere. The client that I used to create the image still holds the name that I set it to (BaseImage10116) but when imaging the name of the machine is BaseImage10115 (the name that the previous image had).

  • Also it must be reading the target volume properly because it is creating the file set_computer_name with the name given during imaging.

  • Ok, I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the BaseImage10116 name wasn't changing at all. I don't see any possible way that CloneDeploy is setting the old name.

    If the computer is registered with CloneDeploy using the old name then yes, but it sounds like you are using On Demand?

    So the set_computer_name file on the root of the volume does have the correct name?

    There's definitely no other software on the machine that could change the name?