Is there a way to have Clonedeploy bless an OS X drive?

  • Something i have noticed is that when we image our macs (getting ready to 3000 of them in 2 weeks) sometimes it has a blinking question mark when it boots after imaging. If we hold down option then choose the Macintosh HD, it boots fine. Not all clients have this issue however, some boot perfectly fine. We have firmware passwords on our machines so people don't muck with the boot settings when issued their laptop. This summer we have a few interns that will be imaging machines for us but don't want to give them the firmware password for security reason so they will not be able to do an option boot to bypass the clients with the issue. So i'm assuming this could all be rectified if the "bless" command was issued on the drive after imaging? Then again, this may only be doable on OS X itself possibly i'm thinking. Would there be a way to maybe "bless" a machine that we create an image on before uploading it to clonedeploy and have it work on all clients after imaging? Or is blessing a drive really HD dependent?

  • It is not possible for CloneDeploy to bless an OS X drive. That is one of the reasons I am trying to move to the osx imaging environment. I don't see any way around you issue other than to boot to OS X and issue the command manually. I'm still learning how the OS X boot loader works. As far as I know the location of the boot files are written to the nvram of each machine, therefore it is machine dependent. The strange thing is, I don't fully understand why it works on any machine, since the location of that file should change when you image the machine. Sorry I don't have better news.