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  • Hello,

    So I think this should be easy, but not sure what I'm missing. I have an image that I only uploaded the 2nd hard drive (/dev/sdb) now i have 20 other machines with the same hardware setup, and I want to deploy this image to the 2nd hard drive on each machine. What do I need to change in the image deploy options to make this happen? Would it be the destination? My first attempt it still deployed to /dev/sda, and I don't really want that to happen again lol.


  • Yes that should work, set the destination to /dev/sdb. Can you attach the deployment log of the first one you tried?

  • Here is the log. Also, each Hard drive has it's own OS, but it seems the boot record for both are on the first hard drive? Does that make sense?

  • I don't see anything in the log to indicate you set a custom destination on the image profile. Did you modify the default profile for the image or make a new one?

  • the original I did not set one. I thought for some reason because I only copied /sdb it would apply it to /sdb. That was my fault, I made the adjustment and that seemed to have worked. But that partition will not boot. On the original image, both Operating systems seem to boot from the system partition on the first hard drive. Is that normal? Will I need to copy that partition over as well?

  • And if that is the case, can I only upload that one partition (/sda1), and deploy it to /sda1 on the other machines? Or will the entire /sda drive be erased in the process?

  • If I understand correctly, Windows displays the boot menu at startup to select which hd to boot from, and you are not using the bios to select which hd to boot from. This is going to be a problem if the bootloader for each hd is actually only contained on the first hd. CloneDeploy simply does not have the ability to handle a bootloader like that. Are you using Windows BCD or some other boot loader? To answer your question the entire sda drive will be erased. How did you install the bootloader on a single drive to handle both drives to begin with? You will probably need to do those steps to fix the boot after imaging

  • I work at a school, and the teacher of our technology class made the image and asked me to clone it. Apparently Windows 10 automatically becomes default bootloader. So in my scenario, Windows 7 was on disk1, the teacher installed Windows 10 on disk2, Windows 10 detected the boot record and just modified it? I have no idea, I can't quite wrap my head around it.

    To add to this, I got this working, not sure it should be working this way...but it is. I cloned the entire 2nd disk (/dev/sdb to /dev/sdb) I then cloned /dev/sd1a (which is the partition with the bootloader) to disk1 on the destination machine, and both Operating Systems now boot. It did not in fact wipe the entire drive. I know you said it should, and I believed it would, but it wasn't working anyway so I thought I'd try. Long story short, both drives are functioning properly. I guess I should add all the destination hard drives are set up the same way regarding partions.

    I'd like to understand why, but at the same time I'm just glad it's working.

  • So as you have seen it is possible for the drive not to be erased, but it is not guaranteed so I usually just say that it will be erased. Basically if the image you are deploying has the exact same partition layout as what is currently on that hard drive and is exactly the same as when you uploaded the image, then it will not erase, but if the partition layout is not exactly the same and is off by even 1 sector, you will most likely lose data. So what I'm saying is just because it worked for this one doesn't necessarily mean it always will.