Start_On_Demand_multicast 5pcs Fail(????) Clonedeploy specific BuG(???)

  • Case Study 1
    I tried to multicasting five PCs.
    First, I uploaded and deployed the PCs one by one. Normal operation. (pic : 1on1_deploy_updoad)

    Case Study 2
    Next, select "5 PCs" from the "Start On Demand Multicast" menu. (pic : start_on_Demand_Multicast)

    Case Study 3
    It seemed to be working normally on the client, but I waited until it was ready to start(pic : 4pcs_multicast_Success)
    However, the last attempt to connect to the PC does not respond as shown in the picture. (pic : NO repose)

    Case Study 4
    In the end, the 5 PCs failed to multicast, and only 4 of them were driven, resulting in 4 jobs.(pic :5pcs_multicast_Failed)

    I am curious that this only results in an error in only 5 multicasts, so that the number of clients in a multicast job is 5
    Or a serious Clonedeploy Bug(??).
    1)I want to know if it's a mistake or a real bug.
    2)I wonder if a patch is available if it is a serious bug.
    3)I'm wondering where to look for options.

    please Help any tip.. Please.
    thanks for reading.

  • I don't believe this is a CloneDeploy bug, there are many people using it with more than 5 computers. Something with your server or network seems to be misbehaving but I cannot speculate as to what.

  • What kind of switch are you using? The switch has to support multicast traffic. If it is a managed switch, you can look at the IGMP settings.