Failing image deployment

  • Hi,
    What a great software you have greated. I like it. The problem for me is deploying Windows 7 image taken from PC SSD drive to another very same make and config PC with SSD too. I always get this error, see attached. I tried taking image many times and even from another PC, but no joy. Deploying crashes always at 5-10% with error. I have taken image from laptop with HDD and this image has no problem deploying to another laptop with HDD or even to this failing PC with SSD. I deployed and Windows started no problem. I then took another image from this PC and deployed to second PC and deployment crashed again.
    Can you help me here with this error?

  • I'm not sure what error your getting, but can you try to upload the image again but change the image profile compression to gzip before you upload.

  • [attachment:5878f06c4d2b6][attachment:5878f06c452c3]

  • This seems to be consistent with what others have reported. Please try the gzip suggestion.

  • Thank you for a such a quick reply. I will try that and report back.