Image restore is stuck after server upgrade

  • Hi,

    I upgraded to clonedeploy version 1.2.0 from 1.1.1 today. I uploaded an image no problem using (On Demand) . When I went to restore the image it gets stuck on

    Mounting SMB Share
    Looking for Hard Drives
    Found Drive(s)
    Drive(s): /dev/sda

    Processing /dev/sda
    Restoring MBR / GPT On /dev/sda

    It wont move past this point it has been stuck there for 10 minutes


  • Need to try and get the log. In the image profile set the task to web cancellable. Start a deploy task from the web. When it freezes, cancel the task from the web, it should upload the log.

  • I think I got it figured out. I used a partition editor before I uploaded the image. I cleared a partition. I tested some of my old images and they are working fine. I will just re-upload the image. Thank you and sorry for wasting your time.

  • You can just delete this conversation, I got it taken care of. Thank you for your reply!