Can not upload image

  • I have tried to upload and image to clone Deploy 1.2.0 and get this error, even after doing chkdsk /f and using windows based parition managers to repair hard drive, it is a 256 SSD I have been taking the image off.
    this is the entire error:

    ** Creating Image Schema **

    ....... Shrinking NTFS Volume On /dev/sda1 (this May Take A Few Minutes)
    Waring, NTFS File system did Not Shrink Properly.
    /bin/cd_pull: line 354: * 1000 * 1000 : syntax error: operand expected (error to
    ken is "* 1000 * 1000 ")
    [root@client_console /]* _

  • This appears to happen after removing 12Gb of adobe CC2015 software with the Adobe Uninstaller

  • The computer has windows 10 Pro 64bit installed on it

  • Even if you delete the adobe files without using the Adobe uninstaller it still fails with the same error

  • Have you tried running this from a cmd prompt before you shutdown to upload?
    [code]powercfg.exe -H off[/code]