Cant restore after editing partition

  • Hi,

    I have an acer laptop and they had some recovery partition on it so I removed the recovery partition and moved the unallocated space to the boot partition. I was able to upload the image but I'm unable to restore it to another laptop. I attached the logs. They say it is trying to restore to a target partition of 1MB. I used Gparted and I'm not seeing this 1MB partition. Is there another tool that might work better?


  • It looks whatever changes you made might have changed the partition order. Do you have the upload log also?

  • Here is the upload log


  • Well you partitions are very strange. I'm assuming this is Windows 7?
    Your first partition starts at 64 which is not normal, typically it should be 40, 63, or 2048. Then your second partition starts much later. Anyway CloneDeploy expects the first partition to start at the first available sector depending on the byte size. In your case 63 would be the first available but you have 64. You could try this.
    In your images folder find your image name and open the schema file. Find this line:
    Change the 64 to a 63,save it, and deploy again. There is a good chance that doing this might make the machine unbootable after a deploy. You can try checking update bcd in the image profile deploy options to fix it.

  • Yes I'm using Windows 7 and checking the Update BCD in deploy options alone allowed me to restore the image. Thank you very much!