** Processing File Copy **

  • Unable to copy folder over to WIndows 10 Ver. 1607 Partition 4 - see error below.

    ** Changing Computer Name On /dev/sda4 **

    ...... Found Answer File At /Windows/Panther/unattend.xml, Changing Computer Name

    ** Processing Sysprep Tags On /dev/sda4 **

    ...... Found Answer File At /Windows/Panther/unattend.xml, Updating Answer File

    {"Id":1,"Name":"Windows10Key","OpeningTag":"\<Credentials\>","ClosingTag":"\<\/Credentials\>","Description":"GLVK Key for Windows 10","Contents":""} --Removed Key

    ** Processing File Copy **

    { "SourcePath": "Profile", "DestinationFolder": "/Program Files/Profile", "DestinationPartition": "4", "FolderCopyType": "Folder" }

    Copying /storage/resources/Profile

    Could Not Mount NTFS

    ** Checking If Grub Is Required **

    ...... Grub Is Not Required

    ** Restoring GUID On /dev/sda **
    Warning: The kernel is still using the old partition table.
    The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you
    run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8)
    The operation has completed successfully.

  • Looks like a bug. There partition is not being unmounted after the sysprep section.
    WebUI->Global Properties->Imaging Scripts->Edit Core Scripts->Select cd_global_functions

    Search for
    [code]#umount /mnt/ntfs

    function process_file_copy()[/code]

    Remove the # before umount /mnt/ntfs

    Must have accidentally been left in during a debug