Create multiple images win7,10 Server 2008

  • Dear CloneDeploy
    I am new in this process and i am not clear how to create images and to publish them on CloneDeploy panel.
    I have many computers desktop , laptops servers in my Lan and i was thinking to create an image for each of them in order to restore them in case of system os failure.
    Let supose i have installed 2 pc with windows 7 and windows 10 with drivers apps etc etc.I have prepare them with sysprep .
    And now what to do ? How to create image of them and to publish to CloneDeploy in order to deploy them to other pc in Lan ?
    I have use Acronis to create images of pc before,but the restore of that image was via usb phisicaly to failed computer.
    Acronis has an universal restore option that fix the drivers, does CloneDeploy have such option ?
    I have and some other questions but let go step by step 🙂

  • It depends if you want to make a separate image for each model or a universal image for all models. Either way isn't much different. Just sysprep the image and capture with CloneDeploy and Deploy it. You can use either pxe or usb booting. If you want to inject drivers you just use the file copy feature to copy the drivers to Windows\inf during the imaging, then sysprep should pick up on them. The getting started guide should be all you need to "get started"

  • i have installed CloneDeploy in my Win10 Laptop , i created an image definition , i created an Computer but now i am not sure how to upload the image of my Win10 Laptop to CloneDeploy ?
    Please see attached files .

  • That looks correct, now you just need to boot that computer using the client boot method you selected.

  • The CloneDeploy is installed on my laptop,should i create upload image of my self ?

  • CloneDeploy doesn't work that way. The client and server must be able to talk to each other. The server must always be up. It sounds like your taking an image of a single computer. Something like Clonezilla might be a better match for you. CloneDeploy was designed to be used with 1000's of computers.

  • Dear CloneDeploy
    Can you create a video with step by step process how to create,upload and deploy an image of an computer Win7 for example.
    This will be very usefull for everybody and with help you a lot.

  • Finally I understood how is working clone deploy .
    Thanks guys .

    But I have a question , I am going to deploy an image to an PC, the MAC address of this PC is not registered in CloneDeploy server in advance , I have boot this PC with USB boot drive and I executed the command On demand / deploy / imagexxx . The process has started but how can I monitor from Clonedeploy server the process of this deploy ?
    From PC I can see the process but from the server I don't know where to se it
    thanks again

  • You cannot monitor on demand from the server. If you want to see the progress on the server you need to register that computer and use a web task

  • Thanks CloneDeploy.
    I have in issue . I connected clonedeploy server in a switch with one pc and i activated dhcp server on clone deploy and i set static ip to clonedeploy server, the pc attached in the same switch was able to boot from lan adapter pxe and from usb that i created base on your tutorial.
    After that i tested with another dhcp server a mikrotik router akt as dhcp server i configure both clonedeploy and pc to take ip from router.I set the options 66 and 67 on dhcp option of mikrotik, the clone deploy took the ip the pc took the .20, i changed the ip at admin/server of clone deploy seting this new one . I have submit all the changes i rebooted the pc but it can not boot from lan, it can boot from usb but dont reach the webservice of server.what i see from error the pc try to connect with old ip of server ? Why is not geting the new ip ?
    Please se attached file.

  • If the clonedeploy server took, then everything needs to be updated to match, option 66, server ip, re-create iso. You can see from the pic that it's trying to contact which isn't going to work. You should assign your clonedeploy pc a static ip.

  • I did what you reccomend me in advance.
    I make the ip of clonedeploy server as static in dhcp server ( meaning to give this ip always ) option 66 = .Ok i understand that recreation of iso will take the new ip but why the PXE boot is not grabing the new ip of server ?
    Question : the link of webservice is integrated on iso ?
    Question : the boot from PXE grab it from server the updated ip of the server ?
    Thanks bro

  • Question : the link of webservice is integrated on iso ?
    Question : the boot from PXE grab it from server the updated ip of the server ?

    Are you sure the tftp server is running? Since it is part of the dhcp server, make sure you just turned off dhcp and not both