Stuck @ "**Downloading Core Scripts**"

  • Got a new thin client and was trying to pull the image off of it. I'm at the latest patch and kernel (4.5). The machine is getting stuck @ "Downloading Core Scripts" and I am looking for some help troubleshooting. The Thinclient is an HP MT42.


  • This is strange, sounds like it could be related to the nic. On the image profile can you try setting don't download core scripts, just to see how far it gets?

  • Unable to stop the laptop from trying to download core scripts. Unchecking the "Don't download core scripts" doesn't make a difference.

  • The box should be check to skip the download. It will also only work when starting a task from the web. It won't be skipped if using on demand.

  • My mistake. I did check the box and it didn't make a difference. It still wants to download them which is odd.
    I've done some other tests to ensure that the settings are passing - like trying different kernels to see that it uses them.
    I'm open to other suggestions.
    I believe it is a Broadcom 5762 GbE. I will look for a list of supported cards to see if it is on it.


  • I know that some broadcoms have issues with Linux. I need more specifics of the nic to see if it's compatible with CloneDeploy.

    Can you grab the vendor and device id’s of the nic from a machine booted into Windows.
    In Device manager find the nic and right click properties, select the details tab, change the drop down to hardware ids. You can right click in the box to select all and copy. It should look something like this.


  • Sorry about the late replies - last minute IT project due monday and I'm off tomorrow. Gotta love it.

    Here is what you requested:

    BTW - Love clonedeploy - you all are doing great work.

  • According to the linux kernel database, that specific nic is supported in the 4.5 kernel, so the fact that it is not working, is obviously not good. I'll need to see if there are any workarounds. Do you have any usb nics lying around you could try just to make sure that it is actually the nic?

    Also, I wish there was an all. CloneDeploy is a one man show, software, website, forums, etc. I'm always hopeful that someday that will change.

  • Well sir I am a grateful sysadmin. You are truly "doing Gods work" as they say.

    You will be pleased to know that I have found the issue. Once you told me that the NIC was supported by your kernel, I took a different approach.
    On my desk is a 24 port linksys to support the large pile of network connected junk on my desk, so I decided to use a jack that went straight to the switch and it went right through. Wish I thought of that first.

    So problem solved. Thanks for your input. =0)