Migrate from CrucibleWDS to CloneDeploy.

  • Is there a supported upgrade path from Crucible WDS to CloneDeploy? I will need to use the same server currently running CloneDeploy. Would like it if I can migrate existing images.

  • There is no update path, too much has changed. You can install CloneDeploy on the same server but only one can be used for pxe booting. I would uninstall the tftpd32 service, then install CloneDeploy. Then use the client iso for your CWDS server, to deploy the images back to the computers, then use CloneDeploy pxe boot to upload them back.

  • Yes How Do You Uninstall? No Uninstaller For NaDa, Not Even The User "cruciblewds" that windows 10 won't let administrator remove?