Can't PXE Boot to server

  • Hello,
    Having problem with pxe boot. Setup CloneDeploy via instructions on the web. Installed on a Windows 10 machine. Followed it step by step. I'm now ready to pxe boot and when it boots, it starts at IPV4 then IPV6 and then moves on. I know the TFTP and DHCP is setup right because it pulls an IP and a netmask from the DHCP Server. What am I overlooking? Please help?


  • Since it's trying ipv6 it's mostly likely an efi pxe boot. Are you using CloneDeploy proxy dhcp? What pxe boot method is selected?

  • Just the default TFTP DHCP setup. I assume I need to move to CloneDeploy proxy dhcp? If so I assume I would need to stop TFTP services correct?


  • It depends on your goal. If you have a mix of bios and efi pxe booting, the proxy dhcp service is the best way to handle that. You will not need to stop the tftp services, it is still needed.

    I would start by leaving everything as is, go to admin->pxe and change pxe mode to ipxe_efi64, click update pxe settings, then create a new default boot menu when prompted, then click create boot files in upper right corner.

    Try pxe boot again

  • Thanks I'll try it. I believe I have to use installutil.exe in order to set the proxy up as a server correct?

  • No. It will install itself as a service with the --install flag. Everthing you need here.

  • I setup the clonedeploy-proxy-dhcp. I changed the pxe mode to ipxe_efi64, and did the update. Now do I need to 1. Turn off the DHCP in TFTP or just stop the service the whole service of TFTP?
    Sorry to be a bother,

  • I turned TFTP Service off and left the clonedeploy-proxy-dhcp run. When I boot the client to PXE it says, " No Offer Received." Sorry, I work for a small school district and we have a lot of new Solid State Drive laptops to image.

  • Both the dhcp and tftp service need to be left on. In the tftpd32 gui you need to remove the pxeboot.0 option. In the clonedeploy web interface admin->pxe make sure you have swithed on using proxydhcp

  • After doing that now I get a message, windows cound not start clonedeployProxy DHCP service on local computer.
    Error 1067 The process terminated unexpectantly.

    It won't let me start it at all. Any idea?

  • run it in debug mode