USB Boot for Distribution Point

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to make a USB bootable to only go to a specific distribution point when using On Demand? I have a school that needs to image from usb bootable (bad nics in the laptops) with a USB NIC. I'd like to be able to make them a usb drive that will only connect to their distribution point as they aren't on a fiber network.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thank you.

  • Not without registering them in CloneDeploy. If you register those mac addresses you can assign them to the correct distribution point, then with either on demand or web tasks they will pull from that dp. The distribution point is always sent from the server. The client asks which distribution point to use, if the client isn't found in the database, the primary dp is always returned.

  • I see that you said usb nic. How many do you have? You would only need to register the usb nics, you can give whatever name you want, then make a new image profile to disable computer renaming.

  • Thats not a bad idea. Thanks.