"Could Not Start the Multicast Application"

  • Two weeks ago, I could run Multicast but the target PCs would not be starting the cast and be on standby.

    However, right now I try to run multicast and it shows me at the top "Could Not Start the Multicast Application".

    I would like to show some logs but I'm not sure what logs should I try to show. If possible, let me know what are the steps I should take to make sure that a multicast can run. I am using unmanaged switch as well in a local environment but I'm not sure if that could be the case.

  • In the web ui->admin->logs

    There should be a multicast log file. It will display the command used to run the multicast. Copy and paste that command into a cmd prompt and try running it. It should give you some more info. You could also check the exceptions log.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Found out I had a command that was running the wrong IP address through the logs. Multicast is now running but I might have another issue on actually multicasting on several PCs. Will update later on.