Asking advice on bypassing the WinPE environment if no active task

  • I'm really new with working on image cloning solutions, so I'm not familiar with all the commands and scripts that are required when it comes to all these software.

    I'm looking for a solution to actually bypass the WinPE environment when there's no active tasks found ( I noticed it only search for active tasks after it logs in the WinPE). On my booting sequence, it is required for me to run the network controller first before booting through the network drive. Any advice or script that would let me bypass this situation?

  • With WinPE no. If you use the Linux imaging environment then yes, but it gets complicated. I typically do not recommend that network booting is the first option. It's not secure. Is there a reason it needs to be first? Can't you just select network boot when you want to image?

  • I work in a school where we do a lot of imaging from time to time and we try to have as little keyboard strokes as possible on the computer to keep efficiency, which is why we have network booting as a first option. (We have GhostCast already installed in our network, but I'm using CloneDeploy to help me get started to know about cloning).

    I work with Windows computers, and my test server currently is on Windows 10. Is the Linux imaging environment suitable for my tasks? Because before I started using WinPE my systems could not access Linux imaging environment. Might switch it back and try again if its necessary.

  • Yes the Linux imaging environment is suitable and is actually favored over WinPE. WinPE is mostly there for special cases where linux may not work for a specific model. What part are you stuck on for linux?

  • I think it was me having some SMB shares issue. I switched back to linux and now it works!