Deploy linux image on the wrong partition

  • I have image of Linux physical server (Ubuntu) that was taken with the bootable iso CD using the upload on demand.
    I attached the schema

    From some reason When I'm trying to deploy the image to another physical server with the same hardware and with the same number of disks it's deploying the os partition into /dev/sdf and not in /dev/sda (attached)

    this is the reason the server can't start on the new physical server.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • I'm not sure what this /dev/sdf device is. Can you attach the deploy log?

  • attached

  • So this server has 12 disks? Did it find 12 disks when you uploaded?

  • yes it has 12 disks and also memory card. it detected all the disks
    The os is installed on the /dev/sda first phyisical disk
    attached the upload log

  • It looks something isn't quite right with the ordering, I'll need to look into it. In the upload it used /dev/sda because it was the only hard drive with a partition. When deploying it uses all hard drives and for some reason it's not being ordered by name. In the mean time, go to the image profile->deploy options and select use custom schema. In the destination box just enter /dev/sda or the hard drive you want to image