Maria SQL Install Error

  • Hello,

    I am getting an install error when installing clone deploy in windows 10 pro x64. See attached for screen shot and install log.

  • This is the command that failed.
    [code]msiexec /i C:\Users\Jordan Shoupe\AppData\Roaming\clonedeploy\mariadb-10.1.11-win32.msi SERVICENAME=mysql-cd PASSWORD= UTF8=1 /qb[/code]

    I think it's because your username has a space in it. I'll need to update the installer and wrap that in quotes. If possible I would just install under a different username for now. Also, I can see from your logs that you will have the same issue as this post.

    I think something must have changed in Windows 10, because it worked fine in earlier versions of Win10.