Object reference not set

  • I'm in the process of configuring my setup still, so after I removed the login requirements for web tasks and ondemand it started giving me this error. Any thoughts?

    ** Processing /dev/sda **

    Get hd_schema: profileId=25&clientHdNumber=0&newHdSize=256060514304&schemaHds=&clientLbs=512

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at Service.Client.Logic.CheckHdRequirements(Int32 profileId, Int32 clientHdNumber, String newHdSize, String imageSchemaDrives, Int32 clientLbs) in c:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\web\App_Code\Service\Client\Logic.cs:line 375
    at Service.Client.Client.CheckHdRequirements(String profileId, String clientHdNumber, String newHdSize, String schemaHds, String clientLbs) in c:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\web\App_Code\Service\Client\Client.cs:line 257

    ** An Error Has Occurred **

    ...... Unknown Error Occurred While Determining Minimum HD Size Required. Check The Exception Log