UEFI Pxebooting

  • Hi all
    I am new to clonedeploy. My question is with PXE boot using Windows DHCP and EFI. I notice that I can do a pxeboot with pxelinux.0 as my boot file fine when using "standard boot/legacy" boot. However If I try uefi nothing happens. Meaning I can't get into the PXElinux.0 menu. Is there something I am missing. I disabled secure boot but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

  • You need to change your bootfile to pxeboot.0

    Then in the clonedeploy ui->admin->pxe, change your mode to one of the efi options such as ipxe. If you want to pxe boot both efi and bios at the same time you will need to use clonedeploy proxy dhcp.